Monday, January 21, 2013

Team-building Activities

We have done this from time-to-time. Works great if you have a big ugly plastic insect to put in the middle of the web when you are done!
Pass a ball of string from student-to-student to help middle schoolers understand team-building. Advisory time also is appropriate for team-building activities. Advisory time allows teachers to develop a personal relationship with each student in the group, and team-building activities provide students with a change to learn more about each other as well. Effective team-building activities for middle school students include the shoe game and tie a string. In the shoe game, each student takes off one shoe and places it in a pile. The teacher divides the class into two teams, and the first team to find all its members' shoes and sit down on the floor wins the game. In the string game, the teacher starts by passing a ball of string to a student, who then passes the ball on, leaving a trail of string behind it. The only person who can talk is the person holding the ball of string. Once that person is done sharing her feelings, she passes the ball on until everyone has had a chance to speak. The web formed by the string represents how we are all interconnected and how a group works.

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