Saturday, March 16, 2013

Power of Our Words Book Teacher Language That Helps Children Learn P. Denton,

This is a GREAT Resource Language may be a teacher's most powerful tool, for words do more than deliver content. They also play a huge part in whether children develop self-control, build a sense of belonging, and gain academic and social skills and knowledge. K–8. This warm and thought-provoking book shows how you can use words, tone, and pacing to build a classroom where students feel safe, respected, appreciated, and excited about learning. Denton, an educator with over twenty years of experience teaching children and adults, offers practical tips (including language to avoid and language to adopt), real-life anecdotes, and concrete examples. Topics include: using language to help children envision success open-ended questions that stretch children's thinking listening and using silence skillfully the 3 Rs of teacher language: reinforcing, reminding, and redirecting saying what you mean and meaning what you say giving brief, concrete instructions offering meaningful, specific encouragement The sensible approach this book advocates is backed by research and proven through decades of successful practice in elementary classrooms nationwide. It offers ideas beginners can try immediately and a wealth of guidance and support for those farther along in the process of changing their language.
Generous in its practical examples, The Power of Our Words also clarifies the principles behind using constructive language in the classroom. The book calls on us to remember that teaching is not a monologue, but a dialogue. —Carol Ann Tomlinson, EdD, professor of Leadership, Foundations & Policy, The University of Virginia

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